Winterizing Your Home for a Safe Holiday Season

Before you know it, the winter holidays will be here.  While you’re busy making lists for sprucing up the interior of your home, it might be time to give some thought for the exterior such that you and your guests can enjoy a trouble free time of joy. Those little repair jobs that you push to the side can easily turn into nightmares with the advent of a blizzard, ice storm or simply a wild windy night in Denver, CO.

Fixing up the Driveway

It won’t do to have your in-laws twist their ankles on that pothole that has been getting bigger over the past few years.  At the same time a few more passes of the snowblower or plow can turn the six-inch crumbling mass into a safety hazard to your car as well as friends and relatives.  You may not need a full repave, but simply a bag of quik-crete.

Making Your Stairs Safe

You know to step more firmly on the fourth tread from the top of your deck stairway.  The tread has been wobbling of late.  With a freeze or two, it could work itself loose.  Wouldn’t it be better to nail it down now rather than have the Thanksgiving dinner turned into a visit to the ER?

Checking Siding and Roof for Loose Parts

Perhaps the most daunting maintenance tasks are the roof and siding.  However, with one major storm in Denver, CO that piece of siding that looks a little loose could turn into major damage to your home.  You have a choice: spend a little time and money now or suffer through a claim with AFI Insurance.

Is your home insurance up to date and ready to cover you in case of storm damage?  Give the folks at AFI Insurance a call today.