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Does my Insurance Cover Customization Repairs?

The agents of AFI Insurance have many years of experience when it comes to automotive and motorcycle insurance. Motorcycle owners living in Denver, CO often have questions about how to insure their bikes if they have a custom paint job or a bike that has been custom built. Having the proper insurance is always a top priority.

The Cost of Customizing

A customized paint job for a motorcycle can cause several hundred dollars. In some cases, special paints are used that are extremely expensive. If the bike is damaged or involved in an accident, your insurance company may not pay the entire amount to restore the paint job to its prior state. In most cases, insurance policies only cover repairs to the bike itself and a conventional paint job. Unless you have purchased additional coverage, your insurance may refuse to cover the cost of the more expensive paint.

Meeting Your Deductible

Most motorcycle and auto insurance policies have a deductible that must be met before the insurance policy will begin to cover damages. In the case of a customized bike, the money used to pay the deductible will go towards the general repairs first. Whether the owner of the bike receives the check or it goes directly to the shop making the repairs, any cost over and above what it takes to repair the bike and provide a general paint job will fall on the owner.

In Denver, CO, residents are encouraged to call the agents of AFI Insurance if they have questions concerning what is covered by their motorcycle insurance policy. Individuals who have customized bikes can call the office and find the answers to all of their insurance questions.

Three important things you need your motorcycle insurance to cover

If you’re a biker on the market for the right motorcycle insurance policy, you need to be aware of what your insurance policy covers and what it doesn’t.

There are some potential costs that may come up while you’re riding if you experience accident damages. The following are three things that your insurance may cover or may be designed to cover depending on your policy details:

Your liabilities out on the road

The number one thing your insurance policy must cover that’s required by low is your liabilities. Your insurance must cover any damages you cause while biking. This should include both property damage as well as physical injury.

Any basic motorcycle insurance policy will provide liability coverage. However, the amount of coverage that’s required by law can vary by state.

Injuries to guest passengers

Motorcycle policies will generally offer coverage for injuries caused to a guest passenger. In the state of Utah, coverage for guest passengers on a motorcycle is required to be a part of the rider’s motorcycle insurance coverage.

Damage to your bike

If you choose collision coverage as part of your motorcycle insurance policy, your insurance policy will offer coverage for any damage your bike experiences when you become involved in an accident.

Collision coverage ensures that you will always be compensated should your bike become damaged out on the roads. However, collision coverage is generally not required by law. You can decide whether you want to add collision coverage to your policy. Adding collision coverage is likely to increase your monthly premium.

If you’d like to learn more about motorcycle insurance policies that are available to those residing in the Denver, CO area, you can contact AFI Insurance with your questions and concerns.



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