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Never Drive Drowsy: Follow These Tips

Driving around in Denver, CO can be dangerous enough. It’s a metropolitan city with a significant amount of traffic on the roads. You never want to drive drowsy, as it can lead to several thousand crashes every year. Approximately 60% of licensed adult drivers have driven while they are drowsy, and 37% have fallen asleep at the wheel.

If you don’t want to become one of the statistics, there are some important tips that should be followed.

Get enough sleep the night before you are traveling; anywhere between 7-9 hours is desirable.

When you do get behind the wheel, ask yourself if you are awake enough. If you are constantly fighting the urge to fall asleep, you may want to have someone else drive you, or call a taxi to get you to where you need to go.

Any time that you are going on a long distance trip, whether it is across Colorado or across the country, you should take another licensed driver with you. This allows you to split the driving responsibilities and have someone to talk to.

You should also get the habit of taking a break every two hours or 100 miles, allowing you the time to stretch, and become more alert.

If you are driving along and feel like you are getting too drowsy, it’s best to stop at a rest area and take a 20 minute nap or check yourself into a hotel for the night.

You never know when something could happen on the roads. Even if you are a safe driver, you cannot be safe if you are drowsy and don’t have your full reaction time in place.

Call us at AFI Insurance today to learn about how to obtain affordable auto insurance in Denver, CO.


Cost or Value? Choosing Basic Vs. Special Form Commercial Insurance

Visiting Denver, Colorado during the spring and summer months means you will likely visit the Denver Botanic Gardens. Looking at the wonderful array of colorful flowers and taking in the sweet smells of nectar are rejuvenating for most people. Unfortunately, these flowers lose their beauty after severe weather and may not be able to bear the next tumultuous storm that comes. In that regard, these flowers demonstrate what happens to businesses that aren’t prepared with the appropriate commercial insurance. Many businesses consider only the costs but does saving money help your property weather the second storm that comes?

Basic Form vs Special Form Insurance
Basic form insurance only covers specific perils identified on the insurance form. Although it is the most cost efficient commercial insurance coverage, even though you survived the first storm, it may not protect you in the next storm. On the other hand, special form coverage is the most inclusive type of coverage. Instead, of listing items that are covered, the policy lists events that are not covered, allowing your business to be fully protected in case of the following:
•    Heavy snow and ice
•    Pipes freezing
•    Falling objects
•    Hailstorms
If ever your business suffers as a result of severe weather, wouldn’t it be nice to be covered with a policy full of inclusions instead of exclusions?

What Policy is best for Your Business?
The best policy for your business is the one that provides you with the coverage you need. As a resident of Colorado, you understand the potential losses your business is exposed to on a daily basis, so why not ensure ample coverage? 

When you are ready to get the best value for your commercial insurance, give our offices a call to discuss your options. Our reliable insurance agents will answer all of your questions concerning commercial insurance and provide you with quotes.



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