Misconceptions about Home Insurance

Some homeowners believe when they have home insurance in Denver, CO, that they are covered no matter what happens. However, that’s not the case and there are a few common misconceptions about home insurance.

Flood Damage Is Covered

Home insurance won’t cover flood damage and you will need a separate policy in order to be covered in the event of a flood.

Medical Expenses Are Covered

The medical payments option in your home insurance is not designed to protect you or your family in the event of an injury, but instead is used to protect any guests that get injured on your property.

Making an Inventory List Is a Waste

The inventory lists actually serves as your proof of ownership, so when you need to file a claim you will be asked to list all the items that were lost. Don’t forget anything so that you can maximize your reimbursement.

Insurance Covers All Your Valuables

Expensive valuables, such as jewelry and furs, may not be covered. You should double check with your agent at AFI Insurance to see how much coverage you have, and then get an extra policy that covers the possessions you need protected.

Home Insurance Will Cover Mold

Many times home insurance will not cover mold or damages that are caused by poor maintenance. Insurance is not there to help you maintain your home and you alone are responsible for home maintenance.

You Are Required to Have Home Insurance

Many mortgage lenders will require you to have home insurance, but after you pay off your loan you aren’t required by law in Denver, CO to have home insurance. Home insurance is a good investment to have to protect your home, but you don’t need to have it.

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Home Insurance Brings Relief

Whether it’s a snowstorm or an accident that happens on your property, there are times when you can feel like you have relief in the midst of a crisis. This is when you’ve met with your insurance agent and they tell you that everything is going to be OK. At AFI Insurance our agents can do some amazing work for you by finding the best insurance for your property with the coverage you need. Let us bring you that peace of mind even when nothing is going wrong.

Proudly serving the Denver, CO area, AFI Insurance offers information to help you become the kind of home owner you envision yourself becoming. If it’s as important as making your property more safe and secure, we can guide some of your decisions concerning safety features that work dependably. We know a great deal about accident prevention, and we are always happy to educate our customers. Visit us and discuss your coverage and other concerns.

Perhaps you have taken on a home improvement project to turn a spare room into a game room. With an investment like that, you want to be assured of sufficient home insurance coverage to protect your efforts. Working with our agents, you can find the best insurance rates available in the Denver, CO region for the coverage you need on your latest floor plan.

Home ownership can be fun when you have the opportunity to plan and build something new. It might seem less fun if you need to determine where electrical outlets should be placed. Good maintenance and reliable insurance coverage help the fun times be even better. Knowing you have all your bases covered lets you relax and enjoy your home. Let us help you achieve that. Contact us today.


What to Look For When Selecting a Home Insurance Agent

There are many benefits to selecting the right home insurance agent for your home insurance needs. The right agent can ensure that your home and valuables are fully protected, that you are not paying more than you should for coverage and be there to help when you have to file a claim. But you may find yourself wondering what to look for when selecting an agent to help you find the right one for you. Here are a few factors to pay close attention to.

The Experience of the Agent

One of the key factors to consider when selecting a home insurance agent is how much experience the agent has. An experienced agent can guide you to the right coverage amounts and insurance companies.

How Easy the Agent is to Reach When Calling

Another factor to consider when selecting a home insurance agent is how easy the agent was to talk to when you called. If you had to leave message after message and wait days to get a phone call back, you may find yourself in the same situation if you need to file a claim. You want a responsive agent.

What Insurance Companies the Agent Works With

Lastly, consider what insurance companies the agent works with when selecting one. Some work with multiple companies, while other agents work only with one company. An agent that works with multiple insurance companies can help you find the best policy among a variety of carriers.

Are you looking to start a new home insurance policy? Or are you looking for a new agent to work with? Then contact AFI Insurance, serving the greater Denver, CO area. Our agents are friendly, warm and knowledgeable. Contact us now to find out how we can help you get the right policy for you.

How Does Home Insurance Vary From State to State?

You might imagine that the insurance requirements from state to state for your home are as varied as the requirements for auto insurance. If you go by this assumption you would be wrong. The real difference lies in the insurance needs of each state versus the next. For those that live in the Denver, CO area, the agents with AFI Insurance can help you find the policy that is right for you.

The main difference in policies between states is the needs of each geographic location. A good example of this is Denver, CO, in Denver there is a great deal of snow each year, this means your winter coverage is going to be far higher than someone that live in Arizona for example where there is no snow. Similarly, someone in Denver is not going to need hurricane insurance because there are no hurricanes in Denver but in a state like Florida, there are.

It is important that your home insurance not only be tailored to your home and to the needs of rebuilding your home, but also the area in which your home is built. Your agent will talk with you about what policies you definitely need and what policies you might benefit from based on the specific geographic location that you live in.

No matter where you live, it is important to make sure that your insurance policy is tailored to your specific situation. This is important because even if you have a great policy in place, if it is not tailored to both where you live and to your home, you are likely going to have gaps in coverage that will make getting your home repaired in the event of a disaster very difficult. For those in the Denver, CO area, the agents with AFI Insurance can help you get the perfect policy.  

Buying a Home in Denver, Co

As of September 2016, the Denver, CO housing market has seen a 10 percent appreciation in value since the year before, according to Channel 9 News, a local news agency in Denver.  According to Zillow, the median price for a home in Denver is $341,400.  This price must be good because Redfin has reported that Denver sees houses on the market for an average of 11 days before selling, making it number two in the country for fastest real estate sales.  It falls slightly behind Seattle which sees houses on the market for a mere ten days before selling. And it’s no wonder real estate goes so quickly considered the desirability of these areas.

According to the US News and World Report’s 2016 Best Places to live in the USA, Denver came in at number one.  Why? Because Denver is a city that still offers the American Dream.  It’s a place where people are free to explore everything.  It’s a progressive place that encourages fitness, nature and individual rights and freedoms, even if those may seem controversial to the rest of the country.  It has an “all for one and one” kind of vibe that residents love.

If you’re looking to buy a home in Denver, CO, you may need to be the kind of person who is able to make a quick decision.  Basically, if you find a home you love, don’t wait.  Go for it. And when you get it, give us a call at AFI Insurance to discuss homeowner’s insurance for your new Denver, CO home. Our agents at AFI Insurance are highly skilled, professional, and patient when it comes to providing you will at the information you need to make a decision on the right homeowner’s policy for you.  Call us today at 303-433-8888.

When is a Damaged Roof Covered By Home Insurance?

The roof on your house helps to keep outside elements out of your home. However, when it is damaged or in poor condition, water may seep into your home, causing substantial amounts of damage. Unfortunately, roof repairs or re-roofing your home can be costly. Fortunately, sometimes these repairs may be covered by your home insurance. Here is some information on what types of damage may be covered and what types may not be covered by your home insurance policy.

When Roof Damage is Covered

Generally speaking, if something caused damage to your roof other than regular wear and tear, your home insurance will pick up the damage. For example, if a hail storm damaged your roof, home insurance will pick it up. Or if strong wind gusts suddenly blew a large number of shingles off your roof, your home insurance will likely pay for the repairs or for a new roof, if warranted.

When Roof Damage is Not Covered

Home insurance will generally not pay to repair or replace roofs that need work due to normal wear and tear. Most roofs only last about 20 to 30 years when properly cared for. During this time period, regular exposure to rain and sunlight may wear shingles or tiles down or cause a couple here or there to be damaged. When this occurs or when your roof has reached the end of its lifespan, home insurance typically won’t make the repairs or pay for the new roof.

When you are shopping around for home insurance, it is important that you understand what is and is not included in the policy. This helps ensure your policy best fits your needs. Here at AFI Insurance, serving the greater Denver, CO area, we sit down with our customers and go over their policy, helping to ensure they have a full understanding of it. If you are in the market for a new policy, let us help you. Contact us today to set up an appointment to get started.

Winterizing Your Home for a Safe Holiday Season

Before you know it, the winter holidays will be here.  While you’re busy making lists for sprucing up the interior of your home, it might be time to give some thought for the exterior such that you and your guests can enjoy a trouble free time of joy. Those little repair jobs that you push to the side can easily turn into nightmares with the advent of a blizzard, ice storm or simply a wild windy night in Denver, CO.

Fixing up the Driveway

It won’t do to have your in-laws twist their ankles on that pothole that has been getting bigger over the past few years.  At the same time a few more passes of the snowblower or plow can turn the six-inch crumbling mass into a safety hazard to your car as well as friends and relatives.  You may not need a full repave, but simply a bag of quik-crete.

Making Your Stairs Safe

You know to step more firmly on the fourth tread from the top of your deck stairway.  The tread has been wobbling of late.  With a freeze or two, it could work itself loose.  Wouldn’t it be better to nail it down now rather than have the Thanksgiving dinner turned into a visit to the ER?

Checking Siding and Roof for Loose Parts

Perhaps the most daunting maintenance tasks are the roof and siding.  However, with one major storm in Denver, CO that piece of siding that looks a little loose could turn into major damage to your home.  You have a choice: spend a little time and money now or suffer through a claim with AFI Insurance.

Is your home insurance up to date and ready to cover you in case of storm damage?  Give the folks at AFI Insurance a call today.

Fall Home Checklist: How to Stay Safe

Denver, CO can see some cold, snowy winters. That’s why homeowners begin preparation for the colder seasons starting in the Fall.  While the weather is still nice, this is the time to get outside and do some preventative maintenance around the house that will guarantee and safe and cozy home until it’s time for next year’s spring cleaning.  

Check for Escaping Heat

Look for cracks along windows and door frames and caulk any areas where heat could be escaping.  Do the same for any cracks you find along walls.  The roof is another area where heat likes to find an escape.  Every Fall it’s a good idea to give your roof a thorough inspection. This will keep your property’s carbon footprint smaller along with a smaller energy bill. 

Look for Peeling Paint

Inspect the exterior walls of your property and any outbuildings for peeling paint, which is a sign that the paint needs to be replaced to keep what is underneath protected.  Old paint can no longer support siding and over time the siding will deteriorate leading to expensive repairs.  

Install Storm Windows and Doors

Before the first snowfall, it is a good idea to secure the more vulnerable parts of the property, namely the doors and windows.  Winter storms bring strong winds that rattle windows and doors, trying to make its way in.  By securing your windows and doors with quality storm replacements, you’ll keep the storm where it belongs – outside.  

Homeowner’s or Renter’s Insurance

Having insurance to weather any storm that comes your way, will keep your home safe and protected for all the days you will there.  At AFI Insurance, we will assist you in getting the right insurance for your home or rental property.  Don’t let anything stand to chance in Dever, CO.  Protect yourself and your loved ones with AFI Insurance guiding the way.  Contact us today for more information.  



Why Flood Insurance Isn’t Part of Homeowner’s Insurance

New homeowners are regularly educated on what they’re required to take care of when financing a home purchase, and that includes a home insurance policy to protect the asset from harm. However, if read closely, one is going to find that while the policy protects against general hazards like theft, fire, structural damage and similar, one particular risk is left out: flood damage.

Flood protection has for many years been an issue addressed by the federal government. The National Flood Insurance Program, or NFIP to the industry, is administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to both provide homeowners insurance coverage against flood risk as well as to push for proactive flood planning in communities at high risk for flooding. However, NFIP benefits are not directly accessible to private homeowners. Instead, NFIP underwrites and supports policies provided by traditional home insurance providers. The program works very similarly to how mortgages from home lenders are backed and supported by the federal government. Should there be a flood and claims are triggered, the provider acts as the go-between with the homeowner and NFIP. Up to a predetermined limit, claims are processed and funded, and the provider is then taken care of by the NFIP program.

However, NFIP eligiblity for flood insurance doesn’t happen automatically. Homeowners need to secure a policy first. Some regions are determined as high risk and flood insurance is required by mortgage lenders on financed homes. However, other regions and non-financed homes have no such requirement. If flooded and no policy is in place, NFIP cannot help such properties if a flood does occur.

For those in the Denver, CO greater area, flooding doesn’t need to just be near a river or lake. It can happen with flash floods from rain watersheds, particularly at the base of mountains. To find out more about how NFIP can help, folks can contact AFI Insurance for details and how to start a flood policy.



Get Premium Home Insurance from AFI Insurance

Home insurance is a mandatory requirement for all homeowners.  Your insurance protects you from the financial burden of rebuilding or restoring property after expensive damages.  Even though renters insurance is similar to home owners insurance AFI Insurance in Denver, CO wants consumers to know of the various benefits homeowners insurance provide.

An insurance policy gives you financial protection against critical financial loss in the event of damages to your home.  Replacing after damage usually costs more than the initial cost of building. This poses a monetary burden most families can’t handle.  Homeowners insurance gives you the money to rebuild your home and your life.

Collecting insurance gives you a bulk sum which allows you to repair or replace after damages much faster than out of pocket.  Insurance pay outs help families to get back on their feet by repairing their homes in the shortest amount of time possible.  Not only does this restore normal living, but it also aids in psychological health, stress reduction and feelings of loss.

Homeowners insurance covers the various ways that properties become damaged.  This includes fire, natural disasters, theft or vandalism.  The policy includes interior and exterior damages to your home and, in some cases, stretches to cover destruction of personal property in and outside your home.  Homeowners policies can even cover injuries sustained to persons on your property.

One of the outstanding benefits of homeowners insurance is that policies give financial coverage that goes the extra mile.  Additional coverage for unique provisions may boost policy premiums, but the benefits are worth it.  We include coverage for jewelry and expensive artwork or other areas that are unique to your geographical situation or personal life.  Coverage for unique provision vary with each state or individual.  Visit our website for more information.