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How Does Home Insurance Vary From State to State?

You might imagine that the insurance requirements from state to state for your home are as varied as the requirements for auto insurance. If you go by this assumption you would be wrong. The real difference lies in the insurance needs of each state versus the next. For those that live in the Denver, CO area, the agents with AFI Insurance can help you find the policy that is right for you.

The main difference in policies between states is the needs of each geographic location. A good example of this is Denver, CO, in Denver there is a great deal of snow each year, this means your winter coverage is going to be far higher than someone that live in Arizona for example where there is no snow. Similarly, someone in Denver is not going to need hurricane insurance because there are no hurricanes in Denver but in a state like Florida, there are.

It is important that your home insurance not only be tailored to your home and to the needs of rebuilding your home, but also the area in which your home is built. Your agent will talk with you about what policies you definitely need and what policies you might benefit from based on the specific geographic location that you live in.

No matter where you live, it is important to make sure that your insurance policy is tailored to your specific situation. This is important because even if you have a great policy in place, if it is not tailored to both where you live and to your home, you are likely going to have gaps in coverage that will make getting your home repaired in the event of a disaster very difficult. For those in the Denver, CO area, the agents with AFI Insurance can help you get the perfect policy.  

What Is Contents Coverage for Auto Insurance?

Your auto insurance plan has multiple types of coverage within it. Each component of your plan helps to cover a different type of risk. For example, most car insurance policies have liability insurance. This protects you from lawsuits and claims filed against you as a result of an accident or damage incident you cause. Contents coverage is another type of coverage you likely have. At AFI Insurance, our team can help you to have the right coverage for any need.

What Does Contents Insurance Do?

Perhaps you are at an event and your car stereo is stolen. You could see your entire vehicle be stolen in other cases including your expensive laptop in the backseat. Content insurance is a specific type of coverage to provide financial protection from losses of belongings normally found within the vehicle. This type of policy will cover items that you typically keep in your vehicle while using it or while it is parked. Keep in mind that this policy has limits.

Most of the time, contents coverage on your auto insurance is only available up to a certain level. This is typically $1,000 per item or event, but it can differ significantly. In addition, the coverage only applies when the reason for the loss is a covered claim, such as theft. It may not be covered in instances not typically covered by your auto insurance plan.

Contact Our Team for the Coverage You Need

To make sure your vehicle has the protection it needs, contact our offices today. At AFI Insurance, we help those in Denver, CO and the surrounding area to have a policy that meets their specific needs. Call our team to learn more about how you can update your plan to cover the valuables you keep in your car.


Automobile insurance Needs For Older Policyholders

Factually stated, not any of us are getting any younger. Serving the Denver, CO area the varied age folks at AFI Insurance treat each customer with respect and courtesy, informing all clients what their insurance responsibilities are so there are no surprises in the event of an accident. Like everything else, things change with our driving habits and abilities as we age. As a result, our automobile insurance needs change since effective insurance reflects our individual status.

Most states follow the mandate that states that insurance rates are higher for those drivers who are under 25 and over 65. The rates change for older drivers as a natural course that they are more likely to get into accidents due to declining vision along with other health concerns. State to state statistics bears out this truism as younger drivers are more likely to get into accidents due to being more impulsive and less careful.

Defend Yourself

Fortunately, we can enact counter measures to combat the natural effects of aging by proactively becoming better drivers. Taking defensive driving classes as well as other extracurricular driving instruction is a great idea for older drivers. Undergoing special eye examinations that test for driving acuity is yet another helpful measure to ensure safety. Actively becoming a better more informed driver is the key to remaining vital on the road.

Whether you are interested in purchasing insurance for your home, auto, or life, the conscientious staff at AFI Insurance can give you the information you need to make an informed decision about taking care of the business of protecting your assets and your peace of mind. Also we have insurance products to protect your commercial interests as well. Centrally located in beautiful “Mile High City,” (that’s plain old Denver, CO to you non-Denverites) come into our office at 3900 West 38th today.



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