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How Financial Planning Insurance Impacts People With Critical Illnesses

AFI Insurance provides coverage to the Denver, CO community. We work closely with our clients to help them find a policy so that they can protect their assets. We offer flexible policies that evolve with you as life changes. We work with multiple carriers across Colorado. We look forward to helping you cover your most important assets.

How Financial Planning Insurance Impacts People With Critical Illnesses

As you start preparing for retirement, you may start inquiring about financial planning insurance. The policy can help supplement your retirement plan and ensure that you live comfortably as you transition out of the workforce.

One specific type of financial planning insurance is critical illness coverage. The average life expectancy in Denver, CO continues to rise. While people are living longer, they are also at risk of developing a critical illness such as a stroke, heart attack, or being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

If you have been diagnosed with an ailment, critical illness coverage can protect you. The policy covers your extended hospital stay, treatment, and rehabilitation. The policy wants to help alleviate some of the stress that you’re going through so that you can focus on getting better. You can amend your policy to receive transportation to and from your appointments. You are also covered if you need assistance with your children while you receive treatment. You can also use the policy to take a vacation with your loved ones and relax.  If your condition isn’t quite as severe, you can look into other types of financial planning insurance such as disability insurance, which covers you if you are unable to work due to your medical condition.

AFI Insurance Will Help You Protect What Matters Most

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Types of Specialty Insurance

Specialty insurance is insurance for special circumstances, businesses, or property. Researching specialty insurance in the state of Colorado is not easy. AFI Insurance serves the city of Denver, CO and is here to help you understand the types of specialty insurance available to you.

Specialty Business Insurance – some business operations are unusual or may have extraordinary products, such as cannabis. Additional specially curated insurance for your business will leave you with peace of mind.

Specialty Auto insurance – when considering vehicles in the modern world, there is so much more to offer than the automobile parked in your garage. Sometimes your standard auto insurance isn’t enough. That is where specialty insurance comes in to help to cover the extras.

Special event insurance – events come and go but sometimes you have spent a lot of time and effort, and yes, money on the event, it would be worthwhile getting some extra insurance. That is particularly true in terms of liability.

Specialty medical insurance – medical insurance is complicated. If you or your loved ones suffer from a unique illness, it is worth contacting an insurer like AFI to see if there is a special kind of insurance that will provide cover.

Specialty Disaster Insurance – make sure that in the event of a disaster you have complete coverage. Consult your insurance to make sure you are covered for every eventuality.

Whether it is time to review your policies, or if you are only starting out with getting yourself insurance, speak to AFI insurance serving the city of Denver, CO. Make sure that you are not left out in the rain when faced with special circumstances.



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