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Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Braving your First Winter as a Denver, Colorado Homeowner

You made it! It has been your wish to get the family into your first home before the holidays.  What a Christmas this will be! 

Give yourself the best present this year. Rest assured by making certain your home insurance has coverages that include the issues that occur during extreme cold weather emergencies,

Cold Weather  To Do List

Prepare a cold emergency kit. Planning is key in the cold since roads may be closed and you can not access necessary items. Make certain you have appropriate cold weather apparel for the entire family: gloves, hats, scarves, etc. Keep extra ice melt on hand as well if you need to clear an outdoor area to access your car. You also don’t want people to slip and fall in front of your home.

Make certain your furnace or boiler is operating correctly. Checking it now may help you avoid a costly repair during a cold emergency. Inspecting your chimney is also important as it should be cleaned once per year.  

Repair or maintain stairs and outside areas now, before the snow is key to making certain the added weight of the snow doesn’t exacerbate an easy fix. 

Stagnate water in pipes may freeze. If you are going away when there may be a cold freeze, remember to clear your pipes before leaving. 

These brief reminders are just the tip of the iceberg – no pun intended. Please follow the link to learn more about how you can protect your home and loved ones this winter and beyond by acquiring an affordable and comprehensive home owner’s policy. AFI insurance agents are the experts when it comes to your locale and can help you enjoy your new responsibility worry-free.

Does Home Liability Insurance Really Protect Me?

When you look at your homeowner’s insurance in Colorado, there is a certain form of coverage known as home liability insurance. It is known to protect you as the homeowner in the event that someone injures themselves on your property, or even gets bitten by the dog. Is it really going to protect you? With the right coverage, you can get help in a variety of areas.

Lawyer Costs

Friends, family members, contractors, or anyone can sue you if they are injured in your home. Lawyer costs can be covered with the liability insurance so that you can get the necessary legal help. Even if you are held financially responsible, the financial assistance can be present.

Medical Bills

Medical bills can add up to be a lot – and you won’t have to pay them if you have sufficient home liability insurance.

Lost Wages

The person who is injured may be injured to the level that they are unable to work. Their lost wages become your financial responsibility, though it is possible that the right coverage will take care of these expenses.

Pain & Suffering

Particularly when a case makes it to court, pain and suffering settlements can be established. These may be worth tens of thousands of dollars, depending upon how severe the accident was. Rather than this being your responsibility, the insurance company can take care of the expenses.

Death Benefits

While you never want a fatality to occur on your property, the possibility always exists. Death benefits can be provided by home liability insurance so that it does not become your financial responsibility.

At AFI Insurance, our agents are here to save you money and ensure that you have the necessary coverage in Englewood, Colorado. Call and speak to one of our agents today to begin receiving customized assistance.





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