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Choose Commercial Vehicle Insurance to Protect Your Employees on the Road

As a Denver, CO business owner, you want to ensure that your employees are safe and secure while driving for work-related purposes. That’s why having commercial vehicle insurance is so important. It helps protect your employees in the event of an accident or injury and safeguards your business from expensive legal liabilities. Here’s what you need to know about commercial vehicle insurance and why it’s essential for any business with a fleet of vehicles. 

What Is Commercial Vehicle Insurance? 

Commercial vehicle insurance is a policy designed specifically for businesses using vehicles for work. This type of coverage protects the company and its employees from liability in the event of an accident or injury involving one of their vehicles. It also helps cover medical costs, property damage, and other expenses related to a company vehicle incident.  

Do you need help understanding your coverage needs? AFI Insurance can assist you in selecting a policy that is right for your business and provide expert advice to ensure you are fully protected.

Benefits of Commercial Vehicle Insurance 

Having commercial vehicle insurance can provide significant benefits to both employers and their employees. For employers, it protects against financial losses if an employee is injured while driving a company car or truck. It also helps protect against legal liabilities should an employee be found at fault in an accident while operating a company-owned vehicle. 

Employees with commercial vehicle insurance can safely operate company vehicles without fear of being personally liable if something happens on the road. Without this coverage, drivers may be responsible for costly repairs or medical bills if they are involved in an accident while using a company car or truck. 

Contact AFI Insurance today to get started if you want quality commercial auto coverage in Denver, CO.

What if I Live a Dangerous Lifestyle?

Your life insurance company will perform due diligence to assess the level of risk they undertake when they agree to accept you as a subscriber. In doing so, they must determine certain risk factors in your health and lifestyle. 

If your hobbies, for example, include skydiving, this should be divulged to your AFI Insurance representative. Your activities will not be judged on their appearance or common perceptions of their hazardousness but on the actual statistical likelihood that they could cause a life-threatening peril. Skydiving, for example, has not been found to pose a severe threat to one’s life in any significant empirical data. 

Something like this would not necessarily bar you from obtaining life insurance, but it could increase your premiums. Other recreational activities may be too risky for a company to indemnify you against. It’s important to remember that life insurance is not a legal requirement in the region of Denver, CO but is a resource people choose for its ability to convey wealth to their benefactors. 

Another category of risk comes from your occupation. Some of the most dangerous jobs include fishing, hunting, logging, piloting, roofing, construction, farming, and driving trucks. Law enforcement and firefighting also come with elevated danger. Your insurance company likely has several classes of categories they use to label various factors. They will designate you the level of risk they feel most likely suits your work and other habits to insure you properly. 

We Can Help you with Life Insurance.

AFI Insurance takes pride in serving Denver, CO with insurance products and services to meet your needs. We invite you to contact us by calling, visiting us online, or stopping in person for more information about how we can serve you. 



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