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Three Keys to Picking the Right Commercial Insurance

Your business needs commercial insurance. It is the most reliable way to protect yourself from catastrophic damages and unavoidable liability. When you have adequate coverage, your company can stay in operation no matter what craziness life throws at it, providing you with stability in even the worst of times. If you feel a little inexperienced in commercial insurance, fear not. These are the three key tips to making the right choice.

Ask the Right Questions

When you contact an agent about commercial insurance, there are specific things you need to know. The two biggest questions are “What is the scope of services?” and “What is the capacity of coverage?” When you can thoroughly answer these two questions, then you know whether or not an agency can fit a policy to your business needs. By all means, don’t stop here. Anything that is unclear or particularly important to you or your company should be added to your list of questions.

Consider a Business Owner’s Policy

This is a simpler policy that is aimed to meet a small business’s needs with a single framework. Essentially it combines the elements of property insurance with general liability, to protect you from physical damage and loss as well as legal reprisals. Some policies will offer have packages to help your business when circumstances shut operations down for a short period. Always remember that every policy is unique, so double check the exact scope of coverage when you make your choice.

Think About the Future

Ultimately, you want your business to grow and succeed for years to come. This means you’ll need to maintain your commercial insurance for that duration, so choosing your partners in this is a long-term commitment. There are tons of experts in the insurance field, so you can find a great choice, but you want to have the appropriate conversations to make sure you and your agent are a good fit and that you can work effectively with your insurance providers.

Talk to an AFI Insurance agent today, or schedule an appointment to get started on the path to a properly protected business future.

Why It Is Important To Develop Safe Driving Habits

It is so important to develop safe driving habits the moment you obtain your driver’s license, and even before. This will keep you and your family safer while you are out on the roads, and ensure that you are keeping the roads, in general, safer. Further, it can help to reduce the cost of your insurance by being accident-free.

Set a Good Example

You may have children and teens in your car from time to time. By developing safe driving habits, you are going to set a good example for them. They will know as they get older that it is important to buckle up and look both ways before turning.

Staying Safe

If you don’t develop safe driving habits, you can easily get into an accident. This could be a simple fender bender or something more serious. Many times, cars will change lanes without signaling or brake at the last moment, not giving the other cars on the road any indication as to what they are doing – and this can be extremely dangerous.

Practice makes perfect, and this means taking the time to practice and employ the safe driving habits every time you get behind the wheel.

The reality is, insurance premiums will go up when you don’t have a safe driving record. This means that you want to develop a safe driving habits so that you can avoid accidents with higher frequency – and save on your premiums at the same time.

At AFI Insurance, we want to do whatever is possible to help you find affordable insurance that fits your needs and your budget. Call us today and one of our agents will look forward to helping you every step of the way. This will ensure that you have the necessary coverage to be confident on the roads throughout Denver, Colorado.






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