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What is jetski insurance & why do I need it?

You might not have thought about jetski insurance, aka personal watercraft insurance, when you purchased your jetski, but it is a major necessity before you hit the water. Just as you insure your car and boat, you also need insurance for personal watercraft. The insurance policy issued for various watercraft differs in what it covers.

Jet ski Coverage

This type of policy does not cover liability of the operator. It covers more mundane, but necessary, items like towing, wreckage removal and fuel spill indemnification. Some jet ski policies apply depreciation using a set schedule. If an accident occurs, the amount of damage covered depends on the depreciation value. The policy may not cover the replacement cost of the jet ski. It may only cover the depreciated value. Read the policy carefully and inquire about depreciation. You may want to purchase a separate, replacement value policy that provides for a replacement watercraft if the incumbent becomes damaged.

Operation Area

It also may limit the operation area of the jet ski. If one operates the watercraft outside the given area, coverage is not maintained. Typically, a policy allows operation within inland waterways, lakes, rivers, and within a specified number of miles of the ocean shore. If your kids decide to try stunts in the swimming pool, the pool is not among the covered areas, so jetski insurance would not pay damages.


Review your home owner’s and auto insurance policies with your agent. The liability coverage of one of these may apply to the jet ski operation. If not, you can obtain separate liability insurance for it.

In Denver, CO, AFI Insurance can help you understand watercraft insurance and help you properly insure your jet ski for many years of enjoyment. It may take more than one policy to provide the appropriate coverage to give you peace of mind. In Denver, CO, AFI Insurance provides knowledgeable agents and a variety of coverage options to help you.

In Denver CO, What Type of Coverage Do You Need For Your Motorcycle?

If you are a Denver, CO resident and own a motorcycle, you must have insurance coverage that meets the standards and minimum requirements for the state. The agents at AFI Insurance can answer your questions and review your existing policy to make sure you have the type of coverage you need to protect you from financial hardship if you are involved in an accident.

Every state, including Colorado, requires motorcyclists to carry a specific amount of liability coverage to cover the cost of damages and personal injuries. You have the choice of only carrying enough insurance to meet the state’s minimum standards, or you can choose to purchase additional types of coverage.

Optional coverages can include any of the following:

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist
  • Comprehensive or full coverage
  • Collision
  • Additional medical coverage
  • Towing, labor and other miscellaneous

Your insurance agent will be able to determine what types of policies are in your best interest and from there, can build you a policy that can best protect your financial interests. You can choose to purchase all or a few of the optional coverages, as long as you continue to carry the state’s minimum liability requirements. It’s extremely important to carry your proof of financial responsibility documents on you at all times.

The agents of AFI Insurance encourage you to call or visit their office if you live in Denver, CO or any of the surrounding areas and are searching for a specific type of motorcycle insurance policy. Each agent has the knowledge and expertise to answer your questions and match you up with the right policy to meet your individualized needs.



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