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When is it helpful to have a full financial planning insurance plan?

Financial planners are very important for people all over the Denver, CO area. These professionals are tasked with helping individuals meet their personal financial goals through consultation and long-term planning. While financial planners are helpful for individuals, some risks come with being in this industry, some of which can be mitigated with insurance. There are various situations when you will find it helpful to have financial planning insurance.

When Making a Mistake or Oversight

A financial planner is tasked with helping people make sound financial decisions. However, there are situations when a financial planner could make a mistake or provide guidance that leads to a financial setback. In these situations, a financial planner could face some liability risk. However, when you have a full financial planning insurance plan, you can obtain professional liability and errors and omissions insurance. 

When a Victim of a Cyber Attack

When operating as a financial planner, you will hold significant sensitive and personal information for your clients. It is your responsibility to keep this information safe and secure. Unfortunately, there is a chance someone could break in and do a cyber attack. If this occurs, you could face liability claims. A cyber insurance provision in your financial planning insurance policy can mitigate this risk and offer liability support. 

If you are a financial planner and are in the Denver, CO area, it would always be helpful to have financial planning insurance. When you start looking for this coverage, calling our team with AFI Insurance is a great idea. If you call our professionals with AFI Insurance, we can help you assess your needs and support you in building a new plan.

Four Questions to Ask Your Agent About Specialty Insurance

If you need specialty insurance in the Denver, CO area, contacting AFI Insurance is the right choice. We’re here to help you get the best coverage for your needs. Because this type of insurance isn’t for everyone, it’s important to know when you need it and what kinds of questions you should be asking about a policy. Here are four of the most important questions to ask your agent when determining if a specialty policy is right for you.

1. What kinds of things does a specialty policy cover?

Specialty coverage is for items and events that are unique or different and that are typically outside the scope of standard insurance policies.

2. Is this for personal or business use?

Both commercial and residential or personal policies can be issued for this type of insurance, depending on the type of coverage you need.

3. When should I update my policy?

Anytime there’s a change in the things or events you’re protecting, you may need to update your policy through your insurance agent.

4. How do I know I’m getting the right coverage?

You get the right coverage when you work with a trusted agent to ensure that all the special events and items you need to protect are adequately covered.

Getting the best specialty insurance for your needs is easy and convenient when you work with the dedicated agents at AFI Insurance. Contact us today if you’re in the Denver, CO, area and looking for a specialty policy to provide you with additional protection. No matter what items or events you need to cover, we can help you find the right type of specialty coverage to protect what matters most to you.



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