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A Sinking Foundation In Colorado: Is It Covered?

Colorado is a beautiful state that is known for its recreational opportunities. There are the Rocky Mountains as well as some stunning cities that offer backdrops of these. The state has a low obesity rate and a high rate of home ownership.

When you buy a home, you don’t want to encounter a sinking foundation. The porch is usually the first to go and after that, it can start to affect the actual construction of your home, too.

Is it covered?

Your homeowners insurance should cover a sinking foundation, but it’s not always guaranteed in Colorado. It all depends on the fine print of your insurance policy. Since you don’t want to spend more on your insurance than needed, it’s all about finding the right balance between premium coverage and an affordable policy.

We can help!

Our agents are familiar with homeowner’s insurance in Colorado and can help you ensure foundation problems are covered. This way, if you do experience a sinking porch or anything else, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the insurance company will pay for any repairs that are needed.

Quotes are Important

You need to obtain quotes for homeowner’s insurance and ensure that a sinking porch and foundation are covered. You also want to make sure that other things are covered, such as fire damage, snow storm damage, theft, and more. The quotes will help you to see what the various companies have to offer and what it will cost you. The comparisons help you make a more informed decision.

Since you want the best for your home in Colorado, it only makes sense to work with us. Our agents are some of the best around and we’re independent, which means we don’t hold allegiance towards one particular company. Contact us today for quotes.

4 Tips For Finding Car Insurance In Denver

Denver, Colorado is known as the “Mile High” city. It has a large population and is metropolitan. Many people commute into the city for work every day. There are also many tourist destinations in and around the city, particularly during the winter when there is a lot of snow on the ground.

Shopping for car insurance within Denver can be advantageous. If you go with the first company and the first policy, it may not be the best one and you could end up overpaying.

There are some tips to help you find the right policy.

1. Work with agents

Agents are independent and therefore can tell you what you need to know about car insurance in the 80212 zip code without being loyal to one company over another.

2. Make comparisons

There are many insurance companies throughout Colorado and you want to know what each has to offer. If you don’t make comparisons, you could be buying the most expensive policy to be had without even knowing it.

3. Know the coverage you want

Take the time to look at the coverage you want for your car. This may vary based upon the kind of car you have and whether it is new or used and whether you are buying or leasing.

4. Listen to the options

The state of Colorado has minimum levels of liability insurance you must have. Beyond that, your car insurance in 80212 can have various other levels of coverage. This includes collision and comprehensive coverage.

We have the best agents who can provide you with quotes from multiple companies. We will make comparisons, help you with the coverage levels, and explain all the options. This makes it easy to make the best decision when it comes to insuring your car in Denver, Colorado.



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