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Buying a Home in Denver, Co

As of September 2016, the Denver, CO housing market has seen a 10 percent appreciation in value since the year before, according to Channel 9 News, a local news agency in Denver.  According to Zillow, the median price for a home in Denver is $341,400.  This price must be good because Redfin has reported that Denver sees houses on the market for an average of 11 days before selling, making it number two in the country for fastest real estate sales.  It falls slightly behind Seattle which sees houses on the market for a mere ten days before selling. And it’s no wonder real estate goes so quickly considered the desirability of these areas.

According to the US News and World Report’s 2016 Best Places to live in the USA, Denver came in at number one.  Why? Because Denver is a city that still offers the American Dream.  It’s a place where people are free to explore everything.  It’s a progressive place that encourages fitness, nature and individual rights and freedoms, even if those may seem controversial to the rest of the country.  It has an “all for one and one” kind of vibe that residents love.

If you’re looking to buy a home in Denver, CO, you may need to be the kind of person who is able to make a quick decision.  Basically, if you find a home you love, don’t wait.  Go for it. And when you get it, give us a call at AFI Insurance to discuss homeowner’s insurance for your new Denver, CO home. Our agents at AFI Insurance are highly skilled, professional, and patient when it comes to providing you will at the information you need to make a decision on the right homeowner’s policy for you.  Call us today at 303-433-8888.

Auto Insurance in Denver, CO

Auto insurance is mandatory for drivers in the United States. Drivers in Colorado must meet the minimum criteria to auto insurance liability, or comprehensive coverage depending on their driving record. AFI Insurance of Denver offers auto insurance to drivers in Colorado State.

The main categories of auto insurance available to Colorado drivers:

Liability Coverage – the mandated minimum auto insurance requirement every Colorado driver must meet to register a vehicle and driver in the state, covers another driver’s injuries and property damage after an accident claim.

Property Coverage – auto collision coverage compensates for vehicle repairs or replacement in response to an accident or vandalism claim.

Medical Coverage – compensates an insured for any medical bills hospitalization, funeral expenses, as well as lost wages due to injury.

Comprehensive Coverage – a single policy combining liability coverage, property damages, and medical expenses.

Colorado auto insurance premiums are indexed at a higher rate. Depending on a driver’s accident and traffic ticket record, auto liability insurance may be supplemented with collision or part of a comprehensive auto insurance agreement. Comprehensive auto insurance policies cover medical bills, vehicle repair bills, and attorney fees if a lawsuit should ensue after an accident claim.

A driving record that has negative marks for accidents or traffic tickets may be categorized as a risk; requiring a driver to meet comprehensive auto coverage requirements to register a vehicle, as well as apply or renew a license. Colorado drivers with a good driving record may benefit from discounts offered through their insurer. Ask your insurance broker about your eligibility for a good driver discount.

To find out about auto insurance coverage policy premiums, claims grace periods, and terms and conditions in Colorado, and to request a quote, contact AFI Insurance, Denver CO.



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