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Colorado Motorcycle Insurance Laws and How it Prepares You for Safety

In the state of Colorado, all motorcycles must maintain compliance as it relates to the insurance laws. Other than the necessary protective gear, eye protection, foot rest and other safety instruments, financial responsibility is an essential aspect of preparing for safety on the roadways. Accidents are possible, whether you are driving a motor vehicle or a motorcycle. For that reason, having motorcycle insurance will make sure that you can pay for injuries or damages suffered by yourself and others.

The Restrictions

As a motorcyclist, if you don’t have insurance, you will be restricted to:

  • Filing a complaint for insurance, in the event that there is a collision
  • Liability coverage to protect you and anyone involved in the collision

The Liability

According to the insurance laws in the state of Colorado, you are mandated to carry liability insurance. There are specific state limits, which you have to discover from an insurance carrier. However, for your safety, it is recommended that you get coverage for bodily injury and property damage. It is important to seek several quotes for motorcycle insurance before making a decision which insurance carrier to go with. This could save you thousands of dollars. You also have optional coverage.

Optional Insurance Coverage

The law does not force you to accept optional insurance coverage, but it will only serve to prepare you for safety. So, it is advised that you check with an insurance carrier in your state to discuss if the minimum requirements are enough to ensure that you are adequately and safely covered. Some of the optional insurance coverage includes:

  • Repairs during a collision
  • Medical payments if there is an injury
  • Comprehensive coverage to handle natural disasters, fire, theft or vandalism
  • Labor and towing
  • Uninsured motorcyclist during a collision
  • Underinsured motorcyclist during a collision

Don’t be caught off-guard without motorcycle insurance coverage you need. Rather, it is easy to receive an online comparison quote with AFI Insurance. This will allow you to make an informed decision to remain safe on the Denver, Colorado roadways, subsequently protecting yourself. To find out more about how you can do this, contact AFI Insurance today.



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