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Things You Need To Know About Someone Before Letting Them Borrow Your Car

From time to time, you may be asked by a friend or family member if they can borrow your car. This is a question that you should not answer on a whim. You should know who is driving your car as well as some other pertinent information before giving them an answer. There are also some other things to consider. Before letting someone borrow your car, make sure that you know these things.

  • If someone asks to borrow your vehicle, you will want to ask them about their license and ensure that it is valid. If it is expired or suspended, you will not want to let them drive your vehicle.
  • Know about the driving history of the person before you let them drive your car. Find out about any issues they may have had in the past. Some of the things you will want to consider is whether or not they have had speeding tickets or accidents in recent years. This will give you a good indication or whether or not they will drive your car with care.
  • Make sure that they will be covered by your insurance in the case of an accident. You will want to check your current policy to ensure it is active and also ask them if they have their own policy. You can never have enough insurance protection when someone else is driving your car but you may be in trouble if there is no protection by your current policy. If they need to use your car often, you may even want to consider asking them to get their own policy or even adding them to yours.

Before letting someone borrow your car, contact AFI Insurance serving Denver, Colorado to ensure you have proper coverage. 

How to Protect Your Family During Emergencies

As the head of your household, the thought of something happening to your family is inconceivable. However, your family may be vulnerable while they are inside of your home when it comes to weather-related threats. At AFI Insurance, we recommend that you take the following steps to protect your family in each room of your home.

Equip each room with emergency lights. Having the ability to see during an outage can protect you from other dangers. You should outfit each room in your home with battery-operated lighting to keep everyone safe.

Place emergency kits strategically throughout your home. The number of emergency kits you have and the contents of each depends on your family’s needs. With at least two emergency kits in your home for a family, a four will help you ensure they are safe during a weather-related emergency. One kit in your kitchen and another in your bathroom will allow any family member to access easily each kit when it’s needed.

Store extra food and water in the kitchen. It’s not enough to simply have more food than you need in your kitchen at any time. You must deliberately pack a kit full of extra food and water so that you will have enough for a few days. Relying on the food you have in the refrigerator will not work during a power outage, since it could spoil.

In addition to extra food, placing a fire extinguisher in your kitchen will help you in the event of fire.

Purchase communication devices. When you know what is going on, you have a better idea of how to protect your family. You should have a radio and a corded phone in your living room.

Protect your family with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. In your entryway and near each of your bedrooms, you should have a smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. With these devices strategically placed near bedrooms, even sleeping family members will spring awake at the sound of the alarms.

Additionally, homes with multi-levels should have a prepared exit strategy for individuals that may become trapped in their rooms. Exit strategies should include emergency ladders, extra blankets, and emergency lighting.

At AFI Insurance, we do all we can to ensure our families are protected, including offering homeowner’s insurance. If you are paying too much for your existing policy, take a look at the features included in our policy on our website.




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