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3 Different Uses for Cleaning Supplies in Denver

You likely recognize the necessity of having cleaning supplies around the house for various tasks, but sometimes you have to look beyond the label to realize the value of what’s within. These versatile products can do a lot for you if you just give them a chance. Cut down on your broom closet with these tips. 

Liquid Soap Is a Cure-All

There are several different uses for liquid dish soap you may not have realized. When you use it as part of a trio of white vinegar and salt, you can start killing the weeds in your sidewalk. Take one tablespoon of soap, a cup of salt and a gallon of white vinegar and then just pour it in the crack. Works much better than pulling every few weeks. You can also put it in a bag and then place in the freezer to make an effective ice pack. 

Window Washing As a Pest Killer 

Take down bugs by spraying window washing fluid where they stand. You can actually use this as a stain fighter on your couches and chairs too if you happen to spill and need an emergency fix. 

Denture Tablets 

From time to time, your drains probably clog up with dirt, debris and hair. Unfortunately, products to unclog your drain can be costly, but denture tablets can be used as an alternative to break up the damage and clear it away. Just break the tablet open, put it down the drain and run the hot tap right over it. 

From cleaning supplies to having the right insurance, you care about your home in Denver, CO. AFI Insurance is here to protect it, and we want you to call us if you need more information about available policies or just need a quote!

Car Cleaning Tips for all Seasons in Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado has four distinct seasons, which is great for those who live there and love the beautiful summers and the cold, snowy winters. However, it’s not so great for resident’s automobiles, which take the brunt of the weather year-round. Because of this, it is important to keep your vehicle clean in Denver no matter what the season is. Below are tips for keeping your car clean in the Mile High City in all seasons of the year.


You need more light while driving in those winter storms in Denver. One easy way to do this is to clean the plastic covers over your headlights if they have become cloudy and oxidized. The best way to do this is the home recipe of adding toothpaste to a rag and scrubbing out the cloudiness. They will be as good as new and allow more light to come through during those snowy winter days.


Spring will bring showers in Denver, so it’s important to not only pay attention to the weather to not wash your vehicle until after the storms pass, but to also wax it a couple times with good car wax. This way, when it does inevitably rain again, you can just give your car a simple wash and the dirt will come right off without damaging the exterior.


The heat can cause your dashboards to weather inside the car, but this can be easily remedied with a damp cloth that will remove dust and grime or maybe a small amount of laundry detergent that will remove tougher stains.


It will start to be getting cool so washing your car may not be ideal. Instead, just use a couple soft cloths to wipe away any excess dust and pollen unless your car is incredibly dirty.

Keeping your car clean will also create less of a chance of you having an accident due to bad visibility out your windows, keeping you from having to tap into that auto insurance policy. If you don’t have auto insurance for your new, clean vehicle, look up a company like AFI insurance, who serves the greater Denver, Colorado area.



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