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Specialty Insurance – Coverage That Goes Above and Beyond

Specialty insurance covers unique items and circumstances. Learn how this type of coverage goes above and beyond to protect residential and business property owners. 

Specialty Insurance

Specialty insurance is optional insurance that can be purchased to protect structures, personal possessions, business equipment, and more. It is often purchased as an ‘add-on.’

An add-on insurance product is a type of insurance that fills in gaps that a standard home or business insurance policy doesn’t fill. Specialty insurance is an insurance product that provides distinct coverage.

A consumer’s property is typically assessed before a specialty insurance policy is prepared. The assessment is used to identify a consumer’s unique insurance needs.

Circumstances That May Require Specialty Insurance

  • Unique investment property
  • Ownership of a rare item
  • Custom designs within a home or business
  • An original business plan that requires targeted steps


The list above highlights some standard circumstances that may require specialized insurance coverage. You may fall into one of the categories listed. You may also have a unique circumstance not included in the list.

An assessment of your residential or commercial property will help you determine which specialty add-ons you need.

It is a good idea to review all the insurance products offered through an insurance agency before you purchase an add-on type of insurance.

Contact AFI Insurance

Please consult with one of our Denver, CO representatives. An agent who is employed by AFI Insurance will schedule a consultation for you. During this meeting, you will be free to discuss the specialty insurance products that you are interested in purchasing for your home or business.

Are Your Financial Plans Protected? They Can Be with Financial Planning Insurance

Many people make financial plans, and some people, like advisors and financial planners, even make a living doing it. However, the problem with financial planning is that it is like most investment-structured plans. It comes with a fair amount of risk. The good news is there are ways to help protect your financial plans, just in case. That is also why people who invest in financial planning in and around the Denver, CO area turn to the trusted and experienced agents at AFI Insurance for all their financial planning insurance needs.

Are Your Financial Plans Protected?

If you are involved and invest in financial planning, either as a vocation or for your personal goals, insurance can help. Imagine being able to protect and safeguard your investments and financial plans from sudden economic disruption, a liability claim, or other potentially devastating issues. With financial planning insurance, you can protect your investments, secure your plans, and provide that little extra peace of mind if your best-laid plans go astray.

Financial Planning Insurance in Denver

Are you an investor or financial planner in Denver, CO? Are you making investments in financial planning for your retirement and goals? Then financial planning could be the safety net you need and a backup plan you can rely on if your financial plans take a dramatic downturn. Do you have questions about financial planning insurance? Would you like to learn more about how financial planning insurance could benefit you? Then, our friendly and professional team of agents at AFI Insurance can help. Contact us to learn more and schedule an appointment today to protect your plans, future, and finances.



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