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Clear Out Trunk Space for These Tools

If you are like many individuals in Denver, CO you probably have a nice collection of items in your trunk. Only problem is, most of these items you don’t really need. Some papers from the office, a few kids toys, and the set of golf clubs from when you drove down to Arizona for golf. Well, not only is all of this dropping down your fuel economy, but there are better uses for the trunk space. So, clear out your trunk and make way for a few of these tools. 

Self-Jumper Battery

Nothing is worse than letting your car run to heat up, only to have the battery die out on you. Now you have a dead battery in the middle of a snow storm. Instead of abandoning the car or searching out someone to help you out, AFI Insurance recommends having a self-jumper battery. This is a portable charge with a pair of jumper cable pliers coming out of it. This gives you a jump readily available, you just need to charge it up ever 30 days or so. 

Better Jack

Sure, your vehicle came with a jack, but it usually isn’t all that great, especially if you have a larger vehicle like an SUV or truck. Instead, invest in an improved jack. There are nice lever action jacks that go up easily, can hold more weight and can lift different areas of the vehicle. 

Bag of Salt/Kitty Litter

The bag of road salt can come in handy if you’re ever stuck or if you are parked on an incline and just can’t gain traction to get out. Additionally, even if you don’t have a cat, kitty litter adds traction to a slick surface without melting it. Both are extremely helpful while driving in Denver. 

Call AFI Insurance today for all all of your auto insurance needs, or to review your current policy. 

Independent Agents, Keeping the Big Guys Honest

Some things in life such as a home or vehicle, are important enough to warrant an insurance policy. These items typically represent your biggest investments, and it’s important to keep them protected. It would be far too expensive to have these items replaced on a whim so we have them insured against damage. Insurance is one of the most important aspects of home and automobile ownership, and independent insurance agents help to make it more affordable. 

The True Value of Independent Insurance Agents

Many people prefer the personal approach of using an independent agent. These professionals have an in-depth knowledge of insurance laws, and they simplify the claim filing process. However, these agents also keep the larger companies competitive, by providing more affordable rates. Without independent agents, the larger companies could monopolize the industry, and charge absorbed fares. Everyone would still need the coverage, even if they couldn’t afford it. Just the price of insuring a vehicle would prevent some people from driving. Fortunately, there are also independent agents who can keep everyone protected from incident. 

What do AFI Insurance Agents Do

Independent Insurance Agents provide a litany of services, after an accident. They also vary in the types of coverage they offer. In essence, every insurance policy is a financial tool, and some independent agents offer different types of policies. Some agents may offer auto and home while others offer only life insurance. The biggest advantage to using an independent agent his his or her knowledge of your state’s laws. These individuals can also outline a plan that best suits our needs and not the needs of a corporation. 





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