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Mistakes to Avoid When Getting Life Insurance

Most people understand how important life insurance is, especially for their beneficiaries. However, when shopping for insurance, there are certain mistakes you can make that may end up jeopardizing the financial security of your loved ones. As AFI Insurance of Denver, CO explains, here are some of those mistakes you should avoid.

Taking Too Long to Buy Insurance

When you are buying life insurance, you will have to factor in the coverage you need and the cost. The cost of premiums is calculated based on factors like your overall health and age. Therefore, buying a life insurance policy earlier works in your favor if you want to pay little for your policy. The longer you postpone buying, the more it will cost you eventually.

Buying The Wrong Coverage

You can either buy term or permanent life insurance. However, before you buy, take a look at your situation and the goal you want to achieve. Term life insurance has a timeframe after which the policy expires. It is also cheaper. On the other hand, permanent life insurance lasts you a lifetime, but premiums are a bit expensive. Analyze both and see which will benefit you and your family the most.

Failing to Disclose All The Information

When buying life insurance, you have to give a stranger all your personal information, including your driving record, drug prescription history, and health condition. Hiding any of this information can make the insurance company refuse to give your family a death benefit, claiming you were in breach of the contract.

Naming The Wrong Beneficiary

When naming the beneficiary, it is natural for you to name your children. However, note that minors cannot receive the death benefit directly. Therefore, name the guardian of your choice and save your kids from unnecessary court proceedings.

Here at AFI insurance serving the people of Denver, CO, we can walk you through the process of buying life insurance to prevent you from making these mistakes. Contact us today for assistance as we will help safeguard your and your family’s financial future.

Do You Have Enough Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance comes in handy in protecting your business against liabilities, accidents, natural disasters, and other risks. While business insurance is crucial for your business, do you ever ask whether the coverage you have is adequate? 

Unfortunately, many business owners in Denver, CO, and other parts of the country only have the state-required commercial insurance coverages. Whereas this might seem like a well-thought-out savings strategy, it could become catastrophic when certain risks strike. 

Not sure if you have adequate business insurance? AFI Insurance is here to guide you.

General liability insurance

While this coverage isn’t mandatory in Colorado, it’s crucial in protecting your business against liabilities from third parties. But how much of this insurance do you need? The first step is to understand your business. How risky are your products? How safe is your working environment? These questions will guide on the amount of liability coverage needed.

If you find your business at high risk of liability claims, it will help to consider umbrella insurance. This coverage provides extra liability protection when your typical commercial insurance coverage runs out.

Commercial property insurance

How are your business’ assets financed? If they are financed by a lender, find out the minimum insurance requirements as per the loan agreement. 

Additionally, know the value of assets. And here, you could consider the actual cost of the asset or the value it would cost to replace your assets today. If the asset is pivotal for your business, you are better off with the replacement cost. However, premiums based on this value are usually higher than the historical cost.

Commercial auto insurance

Since this coverage is mandatory in Colorado, the first step is to satisfy the state requirements. Colorado requires all commercial vehicles to have commercial auto liability coverage of $25,000 bodily injury per one individual and twice the amount per accident. Besides, you are required to carry property damage liability with a minimum of $15,000.

While these are the required coverages, you must consider higher limits for well-rounded protection.

Get commercial insurance coverage today

Still not sure about how much business insurance you need? Please talk to AFI Insurance of Denver, CO. Better yet, we will help you get affordable coverage.



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