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Why Theft Coverage is Important for Boats Housed Away from Residence

There’s nothing more exhilarating than having your hair being blown back by the wind while navigating through the waters in a boat. Denver, CO has no bigger recreational activity than boating, but owners can feel a bit overwhelm when it comes to buying the right insurance to protect their vessel.

Unfortunately, thousands of boats are stolen or broken into each summer, and it’s especially important to have theft coverage when your boat is housed away from home. Insurance won’t prevent a boat from being stolen, but it can help recover the monetary loss much faster.

The biggest misconception is that a person’s homeowners insurance will cover a boat, and it does if the boat doesn’t have an engine. Think of a sailboat or rowboat, but a $20,000 luxury liner doesn’t fall under this category.

Why? Well, much like an automobile, a boat of this nature is mobile and can travel anywhere, so it will need a separate insurance policy.

Is My Boat Covered for Theft

A standard boat insurance policy will provide limited coverage if your boat has been vandalized, but no coverage for stolen items. To cover your assets, you will need to add an umbrella clause to the policy. The wording states of the risk value taken for having expensive items such as a sound system, large screen television and deep sea fishing equipment being kept on board.

Inventory Your Items

It’s important to keep a detailed inventory record of what is exactly housed on your boat. Take photos or an extended video of the interior and exterior of the boat, and keep them in a safe and secure place. Also, engrave a personal identification code onto all personal items stored on the boat. This will help the local authorities in returning the stolen items back to you. Plus, it may discourage thieves from taking them in the first place.

As you can see, they’re plenty of options to consider when shopping for the right boat insurance policy. At AFI Insurance, we work with clients of Denver, CO to find the best coverage for their boat. To speak with a reputable agent at AFI Insurance, contact us at 866-433-2878.



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