Will specialty insurance cover my priceless artwork/paintings?

Many of us have personal possessions that we want to protect that may not be covered under a particular insurance policy. These items may be rare or unusual or not fit into what’s typically covered under an insurance policy. Our team at AFI Insurance is committed to helping Denver, CO residents get coverage for items that a conventional insurance policy may not easily cover.

What is Specialty Insurance?

Many insurance policies may not cover priceless and or unique items. Specialty insurance is designed to cover your items or personal possessions that aren’t covered under a typical insurance policy. Specialty insurance is designed to cover many items that don’t fall under a standard insurance policy or exceed the limits of a typical insurance policy. Typically, artwork and other expensive items are perfect for specialty insurance. You can even cover vacations or other events with specialty insurance. For example, travel insurance would fall into the category of specialty insurance.

Will Specialty Insurance Cover my Priceless Artwork/Paintings?

Typically, your valuables are covered under a homeowners’ insurance policy. However, some insurance policies will not cover your valuables if they are costly and rare. Specialty insurance can provide coverage for your expensive or rare artwork. However, it’s a good idea to talk with an insurance specialist to get as much information as possible regarding your unique situation. If you have questions about specialty insurance and want to know if some of your rare or unusual items could be covered, call us. We can discuss your options and find the best coverage for your unique items.