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What Extra Coverage Options to Consider for RV Specialty Insurance?

Regardless of whether you have purchased an RV for occasional road trips or a full-time residence, insurance is something you need. Because an RV is more than your standard automobile, specialty insurance is often needed. Here at AFI Insurance, we want Denver, CO residents to be familiar with the coverage options available beyond the typical comprehensive, collision, and liability coverage. Specialty insurance offers options that a standard auto insurance policy simply cannot.

Full Replacement Cost Coverage

In the event that your RV is totaled in an accident or stolen, comprehensive coverage through your auto insurance policy will generally pay to replace the RV at a depreciated value. This means that you can only expect to receive the amount that your RV was worth at that exact time. However, if you have RV insurance, you can opt for full replacement cost, which will provide you with compensation for the entire cost of the RV.

Personal Property and Accessories Coverage

RVs are often loaded with a ton of accessories that a typical auto insurance policy will not cover, including camping supplies, cooking appliances, awnings, furniture, satellite dishes, and the like. In the event your property is damaged or stolen, specialty RV insurance will be needed in order to repair or replace it.

Vacation Liability Coverage

When you have your RV parked at a campsite or in an RV park, it is considered a temporary residence. It is a good idea that you have some kind of liability insurance to ensure that any damages are covered in the event of an injury or accident, such as if the kids are outside throwing a baseball back and forth and it goes through a neighbor’s RV’s window.

Full-time RV Coverage

If you plan on utilizing your RV as a permanent and/or primary residence, this is a form of coverage that you will need. It will offer a higher limit of personal liability coverage that is similar to that of a homeowner’s policy. It will also offer medical payments if someone is injured, along with personal property coverage.

Whether you have an RV for temporary or primary use, specialty insurance is necessary. Reach out to us at AFI Insurance to find out more about insuring your Denver, CO recreational vehicle.



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