Required Auto Insurance in Colorado

When you own a vehicle in Colorado, you must have auto insurance. There are specific types of coverage that you must have in this policy. When you call us at AFI Insurance in Denver, CO, every agent knows precisely which types of coverage are required by the state and how much of each is required. Call us when you need an auto policy, and keep driving legally. 

Liability Auto Coverage

The types of coverage required by the state of Colorado are both types of liability coverage. With liability coverage, the bills incurred by the other party are paid for by your insurance policy when you are at fault for an accident that causes damages. There is a required amount for property damage liability, but it’s a low amount when compared with many states. It may be best to get more coverage than the state requires. There are two amounts that the state requires to be in the policy for bodily injury liability. This includes an amount for one person who is injured and a higher amount that is for everyone who is injured. These two amounts can also be raised when you want better coverage than the minimum required. When you have liability coverage, it will also pay for legal defense if you are sued for a covered accident. 

Other Coverage

When you want even better coverage, it’s also a good idea to get comprehensive and collision coverage types. Collision pays for your vehicle’s damage after an accident that’s your fault. Comprehensive pays for other risks to your car that can happen when it isn’t being driven.

Get Your Colorado Auto Insurance

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