Do You Need Mexican Auto Insurance for a Quick Trip Over the Border?

If you are planning on driving your car over the border into Mexico, you may be wondering when you need to purchase Mexican Auto Insurance or if you need to. This is a question that many of our clients at AFI Insurance ask us. Here are a few questions you have about this topic and the answers. 

Do You Need Mexican Auto Insurance for Quick Trips or Only Long Ones? 

Any time you are crossing the border into Mexico, you are required to carry at least a Mexican auto insurance liability policy. If you do not have proof of this type of insurance, you may not be allowed to cross the border with your car. It does not matter if you are staying for the day or staying for a month; you need a policy regardless of the length of your stay. 

My Auto Insurance Policy Covers Me When I Cross the Border. Do I Still Need Mexican Insurance? 

Yes. At this time, Mexico is not accepting proof of insurance unless is is specifically a Mexican insurance policy. While your auto insurance policy may state that it covers you if you are in an accident when you cross either the Mexican or Canadian border, this is not sufficient for the Mexican government. Obtaining a Mexican auto insurance policy or putting up a bond with the Mexican government are the only options for legally operating a vehicle in Mexico. 

If you are looking to drive into Mexico, be sure to get your Mexican Auto Insurance policy ahead of time. When you need to purchase one, AFI Insurance would love to help. Contact us today to get started on your policy or to obtain a free quote.