Best Snowmobile Insurance Policies with AFI Insurance

Nothing is more satisfying than hitting the trails even after the fall of first snow. Your snowmobile insurance is the ticket for you to enjoy the fresh air from the mountain and watch the exhilarating sceneries of the countryside in Denver, CO.

It feels great to wake up at dawn to a blanket of snow and chilly temperatures. These are the days when all you want to do is jump on your snowmobile and have an adventure as you glide through the white stuff. At this moment the last thing in your mind is what could happen if the ride went unexpectedly.

If anything goes wrong, an insurance coverage from AFI Insurance will make things easy for you. You can get back on your snowmobile in a matter of no time. We provide all snowmobile owners from Denver, CO with comprehensive insurance coverage to protect passengers and the snowmobile.

We offer snowmobile insurance designed to fit every person’s specific needs. Whether you are a veteran or a beginner, we have a solution for you. The policies that we offer include;

Comprehensive coverage

This policy caters for any damages or loss that occurs to your snowmobile caused by anything else but no a collision accident. This could be as a result of fire, theft or vandalism.

Collision coverage

This pays for the damages done to your snowmobile which could be as a consequence of a collision with rocks, ice, trees, and any other obstacle. It pays for replacement or repair expenses.

Property damage

If you are at fault for the destruction of another person’s property, this policy will pay for the cost

Liability coverage

This pays for medical bills of another individual if you are liable for an accident

Uninsured motorist protection

If you are involved in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured rider, this policy helps to pay for the repair or replacement of your snowmobile.

To get these policies, contact us or visit our offices and we have our representatives who will review your needs to help you choose the one that suits you best.