Do I need to cover my boat year round?

You may not even think of your boat during the times you are unable to use it. That may only be a few months out of the year, by the time you have to take account of weather conditions and when you can take off from work. So you are probably asking yourself if it is worth ensuring your boat during all those times when you are not even getting to enjoy it.

The friendly agents at AFI Insurance help people in Denver, CO find insurance policies that best meet their needs, and you may already have a homeowner’s policy which covers your boat if something were to happen to it while it is stored in your garage during the winter. Is year-round boat insurance an unnecessary expense?

  1. If you still have a loan on your boat, you are probably required under the terms of the loan to have full coverage to cover anything that happens to the boat, until the loan is paid off. Failure to do so could cause the lender to force an expensive policy onto your loan.
  2. If you keep your boat at a marina or boathouse, your insurance policy will cover any damages that occur because of a fire, vandalism or theft. These kinds of events are unpredictable and can happen at any time.
  3. Even if your homeowner’s policy covers basic loss while your boat is stored at home, a real boat insurance policy will also cover damages related to collisions with another boat, damages to someone’s property, and bodily injury in case of an accident.
  4. Keeping your insurance policy year after year can mean that you start receiving loyalty discounts, or even save money on your deductible.

If you are in Denver, CO and want to find out how to save money while protecting your boat, call AFI Insurance today.

Must Have RV Insurance Coverage for Your Spring Road Trip

RV ownership gives you greater freedom to explore the beautiful state of Colorado to the full. With RV insurance from AFI Insurance, Denver, CO, you can enjoy your travels to the full. The more you travel, the more you’ll appreciate insurance protection to keep you safe on the road. If you’re not sure how to customize your insurance package, here’s some great advice.

Basic liability is a must for RV drivers as you never know when you’ll accidentally hit another vehicle on the road. Even careful RV drivers can be susceptible to accidents, especially on slick or winding roads. With liability coverage, you won’t have to pay for damages to others out of pocket if you’re found at fault for an accident.

If you financed your RV with a bank or dealership and are still paying off the loan, collision coverage will most likely be required. It’s also worthwhile protection even if you own your RV outright.

Many RV owners customize their motor home to give it that personal touch. Custom equipment coverage will protect any major upgrades you’ve made to your vehicle so you can recuperate these costs.

As so many things can happen during an RV road trip, you may want to consider additional protection while you’re on the road. Personal effects insurance protects personal belongings like clothing, laptops, cell phones, etc. in case these are damaged or stolen while you’re off fishing or taking a nature walk. If your RV develops mechanical problems anytime during your travels, roadside assist pays for repairs to get you back on the road so you don’t lose precious time off of your road trip.

For a customized RV insurance package that coincides with your active lifestyle, contact your AFI Insurance agent in Denver, CO.

Should You Keep Your Jet Ski Insurance in the Winter?

When you have a toy that has an engine in it, it is always a good idea to have insurance on it. This will help protect you if someone is injured n it and if something happens to it and you need to replace or fix it. The same is true for a jet ski. Since a jet ski is usually used mostly in the summer months, many people wonder if they should actually keep the insurance on it during the time they are not using it. Here at AFI Insurance, serving Denver, CO, we recommend keeping it and below is why

Even though you are not using your jet ski on a regular basis, you should still keep it covered by an insurance policy. This is because you do not know what will happen to it when it is stored away. If a tree falls on it during this time and you do not have coverage, then you will simply have to replace it on your own without the help from your insurance policy. Additionally, you cannot keep an eye on it at all times and if someone were to take it out for a spin and damage it or even injure themselves, you would be help liable, even though you had no idea it was happening. Because of these reasons, it is always a good idea to keep it covered no matter what season it is.

If you have a jet ski and you would like to get an insurance policy on it, be sure to contact us today at AFI Insurance, serving Denver, CO. We can help you find the right policy that will best protect you and your jet ski while also making sure that the policy fits within your budget all year long. 

Benefits of Jetski Insurance

One of the most fun activities that you can enjoy on a nice sunny day in the Denver, CO area is to go out on a beautiful lake and enjoy a Jetski. While riding a Jetski can be a very exciting experience, they are also important assets that need to have the right type of insurance coverage. There are several benefits that you will receive With Jetski Insurance coverage.

Property Damage Coverage 

 One benefit of having insurance coverage on your JetSki is that you will receive property damage coverage. A recreational vehicle is often a target of that, vandalism, and other types of damage. Since the cost of replacing or repairing these incidences is significant, having a proper insurance policy in place will be beneficial. You should get an insurance policy equal to at least your original purchase price of the JetSki. 

Liability Coverage 

When you ride a jetski, or another type of recreational vehicle, you are always taking on some type of risk that it could be involved in an accident. If you are found to be at fault, you could be held responsible for the medical bills and property damage that resulted from the accident. When you have a proper insurance policy with liability coverage, you will receive liability coverage for this. You can request a predetermined amount of liability coverage for both any property damage that is caused or bodily injury expenses and medical bills that are incurred.

When you were looking for jetski insurance in the Denver, CO area, a great place to start your search would be at AFI Insurance. AFI Insurance is a leading consumer insurance agency that can help you better understand your insurance needs and help you get into a policy that will provide you with the necessary types of protection.

What Are The Benefits Of Motorcycle Insurance?

Motorcycles are a popular choice of transportation in Denver, CO. Just like most personal vehicles, the state requires all motorcycles to be insured. While basic liability insurance may help you meet the minimum legal insurance requirement, we at AFI Insurance want you to know the benefit of insuring your motorcycle above and beyond the minimum. 

Liability For Accidents You Cause

Everyone makes mistakes. Accidents can happen to even the most responsible people. In the case of a vehicular accident involving a motorcycle, the resulting cost of bodily injury and property damage can quickly escalate. If you only insure your motorcycle for the minimal limit, you could easily end up paying tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket for the injuries and damages to others in an accident where you’re at fault. 

Coverage For Accidents When You’re The Victim

Many motorists are underinsured or uninsured regardless of what they’re legally supposed to carry. An insurance policy that includes underinsured/uninsured coverage will help pay for your own injuries and damages when the at fault driver cannot. This coverage can extend to events of theft or vandalism to cover the cost of replacement or ensuing legal actions. 

Umbrella Coverage Options

Customers in Denver, CO can extend your policy to cover valuable assets that may not always be covered by the usual insurance options. Examples of umbrella policy options can include the repair or replacement of accessories such as saddlebags or a sidecar. Custom equipment and unique decorative features can also be covered in the event of an accident or vandalism. You may also consider insuring your safety gear such as helmets or riding chaps or jackets.

At AFI Insurance we are dedicated to helping our customers understand the importance of insuring their most valuable possessions. Contact us today to learn more benefits of motorcycle insurance!

Helmet Laws in Colorado

If you love feeling the wind blowing through your hair when you’re on your bike, good news: Colorado does not require you to wear a helmet if you are over the age of eighteen, and as long as you are driving with a full license and not a permit.

This being said, do yourself a favor and wear your helmet anyway. Riding without a helmet is one of those things where just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should. At the very least, it looks better to a provider like AFI Insurance when you’re a safe rider. Denver, CO might not require you to wear a helmet, but it’s incredibly dangerous to ride without protection.

Put it this way: How many bike riders do you know who have never been thrown off their bikes? Probably not very many. The danger with riding a bike is that you’re just as likely to get into minor fender benders and smash ups as anyone in a car, but when you crash on a bike, it’s not your bumper that takes the hit, it’s your body.

This is to say that the way to stay safe as a bike is to essentially treat an accident as an inevitability. You’ve seen how some of these people drive, and how little respect many of them have for bikes. No matter how fast your response time is on the bike, you can’t account for everyone else’s bad driving.

An insurance policy with AFI Insurance can help you to cover the damages should you get in an accident, but making sure that you’re protected with the proper gear is your job.

What Does ATV Insurance Cover?

There are different types of ATV insurance, and it’s a good idea to work with an insurance company such as AFI Insurance to find the best policy to meet your needs. Since ATV insurance is not required in Denver, CO you want to make sure you have coverage to protect yourself and your investment in the event of an accident.

Liability coverage covers bodily injury or property damage. Bodily injury liability coverage will help cover costs for those injuries that are suffered by others if you are responsible for the accident. Collision coverage will cover your ATV if it is damaged in an accident, so you can repair it or replace it. Comprehensive coverage will cover your ATV if it is damaged not in an accident, but in an act of theft of vandalism. Medical payments will cover you if you are injured in an accident.

You will want to choose coverage options based on your needs. If you have adequate medical coverage you may not need medical payment coverage. It’s good to have collision coverage since you may be storing your ATV more often than you are using it and it helps you recoup any costs should you ATV be damaged while it’s being stored. Your homeowner’s insurance policy may not cover things like damage from trees or rocks, so it’s important to check your policy so you have adequate coverage. Repairing your ATV can be expensive and you may want to have coverage so you can enjoy your ATV for years to come.

ATVs can be insured with other vehicles like golf carts, dune buggies, or snowmobiles, and it may be possible to get a discount if insuring multiple vehicles at once.

Contact AFI Insurance serving Denver, CO to find the coverage you need for your ATV.

How to Protect Your Snowmobile

Whether it’s sunny or not, you can always find a little powder for your snowmobile either in or around Denver, CO. But the more you use it, the more likely it is that something will happen to it, and chances are, you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money to repair or replace your machine. So before you take your snowmobile out for another joy ride, keep the following tips in mind to make sure you can keep it safe from harm. 

Do Your Research

The weather in Colorado can change in a heartbeat, so keep your snowmobile (and yourself) safe by looking into the weather before you go. A frozen trail won’t be very fun, and it may cause you to fly off the path faster than you think. White-outs and blizzards will also make it impossible to stay the course. You may want to consider taking a safety course too when it comes to your snowmobile. Everyone thinks they’re a safe driver until they end up in a situation that may have been prevented if they had a little extra forethought. A course will help you learn how to inspect your snowmobile, wear the right gear, and avoid the wrong places. 

Contact AFI Insurance 

While it’s true that a snowmobile may not be as important as your car or your home, that doesn’t mean that it’s not important to you. For all the owners of Denver, CO who don’t want to lose their investment this winter, AFI can help. We offer plenty of options to keep everything that you love safe from harm (or at least safe from out-of-pocket repairs.) Give AFI Insurance a call today to learn more about our options so that you can get the peace of mind you crave! 

What to Look for When Choosing Jet Ski Insurance

Jet skis typically fall under PWI, or Personal Watercraft Insurance, policies. While this coverage is optional, it is not recommended to go without it! AFI Insurance offers a full-line of PWI and can work with you to find the best coverage for your situation. We are proud to serve the PWI needs of the greater Denver, CO area and we have the experience in PWI that makes our agency a valuable asset in securing your jet ski insurance. 

There are several aspects to comprehensive PWI, such as Liability, Collision, Medical Payments, On-Water Towing and Repair, Total Loss Replacement, and Comprehensive Coverage. If you are considering purchasing a jet ski or other personal watercraft, AFI is here to ensure that you have the coverage you need. Typical policies will not cover any mishaps that occur after dark or if your watercraft has been modified in any way to make it faster. You will also need a valid driver’s license in order to procure PWI. 

Spending the day out on the water on a jet ski is a lot of fun and knowing that you have adequate coverage in the event of a breakdown or an accident can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are protected in many unforeseen situations. Our agents can review your needs with you and work with you to determine which types of policy coverages are necessary.

Please give us a call today at (866) 433-2888 to schedule an appointment to discuss your PWI needs. AFI Insurance is proud to serve the Denver, CO area and we would welcome the chance to work with you too! Optional jet ski insurance is smart coverage to have to keep you protected out on the water. 

Understanding the various coverages available to Motorcycle owners in Colorado

Some motorcyclists make the mistake of only purchasing insurance that is required by Colorado. However, buying just the minimum will not be enough coverage in the event of a severe accident. There are a wide array of coverages available to motorcyclists in the Denver, CO area. An agent at AFI Insurance can review your particular situation and help you build a custom policy to protect you and your motorcycle.

The state of Colorado requires a motorcyclist carry $25,000 for injury or death per person or $50,00 for two people. In addition, one must carry $15,000 in property damage. As you can see the minimum limits would completely deplete in the event of a severe accident.

There are many options available to motorcyclists to make sure you are adequately insured.

A motorcycle is an expensive asset that you need to protect. Collision coverage can be purchased to repair or replace your motorcycle in the event of a crash.

Bodily injury coverage can be purchased to cover certain expenses that you may occur when you are at fault, and the third party is injured.

Unfortunately, there are too many underinsured or uninsured drivers on the road. By purchasing uninsured/underinsured coverage, you will be protected if you are in an accident with a driver who does not carry enough coverage to pay for your injuries.

Finally, medical coverage can be purchased to cover your medical bills such as prescriptions and home care following an accident. This coverage is critical if you do not have a health care plan.

In addition, you may want to protect your bike from events that happen off the road such as theft, vandalism or a tree falling on the bike. For this sort of protection, you will want to ask your agent at about comprehensive coverage.

No matter if you take your bike around town in Denver, CO or across the country you will want to be adequately insured. If you are interested in learning more about coverage options for your motorcycle, please reach out to an agent at AFI Insurance. We proudly serve the Denver, CO area.